Welcome to Mangaal Farmstay

Mangaal Farmstay is for the new age traveller, who is more exploratory in nature and would like to experience the spiritual and holistic sides of a vacation. People who visit us tend to like the experience of rural life, quietness, and natural surroundings. We offer retreats that are rejuvenating and improve one’s wellbeing. At Mangaal, you will enjoy a wellness vacation on a working farm, in a rural environment, with healthy food.

What we grow is what is put on to the plate at the farm. We also prepare Gluten and Dairy free food upon request. We can provide fish, chicken, milk and eggs when informed in advance. We encourage local tribal cuisine cooked in coconut oil with a dash of Himalayan salt. You will experience delectable chutney made from medicinal herbs. We grow our own rice, herbs and a few vegetables and make our own coconut oil.

Being a working farm, we offer you an opportunity to participate in our daily activities like gardening, watering plants, seeding, learning mulching, making organic fertilizer and more.

You can also learn about health and healthy food, medicinal, forest herbs and remedies. And even make your own salad from our vegetable patch!

One can also indulge in an ayurvedic detox treatment, foot reflexology, yoga, satsangs, meditationor spend time exploring the vast farm area on foot. Resource persons for yoga, Ayurveda and foot reflexology are arranged upon request.

We are situated in the forested area of Mangaal, which is inhabited by the Vellip tribe. They are agrarians and live off the land. They are very much part of our team, at Mangaal Farmstay. Guests also like to interact with the village residents such as volunteering to teach in the nearby school.

A warning for those who are attached to the cell phones and I pads… our connectivity is dismal. And we invite you to switch off from the world and take time out for yourself. You are welcome to also share experiences and interact with the host. Relax by the pool and catch up with reading. Unwind in the evening with a drink such as urrak or feni made on the farm.

Experience nature in all her glory with ample wildlife and birds in the vicinity. The leopard, tiger, bison, porcupine, wild boar, monkeys, flying squirrel and many others, enjoy the peace and tranquility of the forest as much as you do. The song of our melodious Malabar Thrush is our morning alarm and the Hornbill will keep you company as you embark on a trek, deep in the forest. Whooping Langoors, occasional alarm calls from the deer, and visits from Indian Gaur, are all part of Mangaal life. And we have an orchestra of frogs who will perform for you through the night with crickets adding to the chorus.