The Farm

Spread across 250 acres of fertile tropical landscape, Mangaal is a thriving farm that seeks to connect local culture with your balanced well-being through eco-friendly practices, traditional food and teamwork.

As a resident of our homestay in Goa, you are welcome to participate in the farming and cultivation process to learn more about where the ingredients for your meals come from.

Exotic vegetables

Our greenhouses form the nursing grounds of a wide variety of organically farmed exotic vegetables that eventually find their way to tables across the state. Superfoods and lush saplings of kale, red and white radish, white brinjal, parsley, coriander, microgreens, spinach, turnip, morning glory, rocket lettuce and more are nurtured with 100% organic manure, from greenhouse to vegetable patch.

Tropical fruit

The multi-acre property offers a hotbed for fruit to grow and ripen naturally, soaking in all the rich nutrition from the soil. We have begun growing strawberries and oranges, in addition to the plantation of coconut trees, chickoo (sapodilla), more than 200 varieties of mango and the local favourite kokum (Indian mangosteen).

Spices & herbs

With vibrant flavour and aroma a vital part of Indian cooking, spices are a natural fixture at our homestay in Goa. Around the farm, you will notice a myriad varieties of spices and herbs that will end up in your meal on a regular basis, from fresh organic pepper to cinnamon, allspice, stevia, basil and mint.


No Indian occasion, including solemn religious ceremonies, is complete without floral gifts or offerings. Mangaal Farmstay is using its rich environs to grow beautiful indigenous and popular varieties of flowers and ferns, including gingers - red, pink, tower, wax, torch and bamboo, and ferns - Boston, Victorian, asparagus, tube rose, and haliconia.

Many of our flowers, which are harvested through the year, are delivered to customers across India.

Cashew distillery

The Goan tradition of cashew feni, a strong spirit made from the astringent cashew apple, is quickly gaining ground, particularly during harvest season from March to May. At Mangaal Farmstay, we take great pride in harvesting, pressing and distilling this fiery alcohol using methods in practice for centuries.

Enjoy a tasting of our home-grown brew or try experimenting with your own flavours from aromatics, spices, herbs and fruit from our farm.


Part of our farm has been prepared for the cultivation of paddy - local brown unpolished rice that is served for lunch at our homestay in Goa. As the season progresses from June to October, you will witness the arduous process of preparing the field, sowing the seeds, transplanting the saplings, weeding and finally harvesting the grain.