Seasonal Activities

We welcome you to participate in our seasonal farm activities listed below. Your participation in all the activities will bring you closer to mother earth and what ever you can do, you will feel absolutely one with the nature and at the same time experience the inner awakening in one self.

Vegetable Farming – All Year Round

Participate in the process of planting seeds in trays for germination and then transferring them into pots or in the ground. You have plenty of opportunity to water plants and saplings. On Wednesday, you can see or participate in the harvesting of the vegetables and packing for dispatch to our customers for home delivery.

List of Herbs Grown on the Farm: Cilantro, Mint (Pear mint, Paper Mint, Japanese Mint), Basil, Brahmi, Tulsi, Parsley, Stevia, Fennel leaves.

List of Vegetables Grown on the Farm: Kale, Chard, spinach, rocket, Morning Glory, Garlic, Chives, Pok Choy, Okra, Brinjal, Turnip, Raddish.

List of Medicinal Plants Grown on the Farm: Stevia, Insuline, Adhulsa, Nirgundi, Corchorus, Sida Cordifolia, Latakasturi, Panfuti, Devils Tree.

Flower Harvesting – All Year Round

Each week on Tuesday and Saturday afternoon, we harvest flowers and ferns, which are then packed into boxes to be dispatched to customers outside Goa.

List of Flowers Grown on the Farm: Gingers including red, pink, Tower, Bamboo, Torch, Wax varieties. Ferns including Boston, Voctorian, Asparagus. Tube Rose, Haliconia.

April-May: Cashew apples begin to form on the tees in the months of Jan and Feb. They are ready to be plucked in April and May. We then separate the nut from the apple and crush the apple to extract cashew juice as ‘neera’. Watch the traditional process of making ‘urak’ and sample this delicious authentic Goan liquor. We are using the the age old art of making urak by fermenting it in earthen pots and distilling it in copper pots (Bhand) and wooden tubes.

May-June: Mango season begins. We have over 200 mango plants of different varieties. One has to climb the mango tree and use a net to harvest the mangoes from the tree. It is then placed in water and packed for dispatch. We ship out green mangoes. We have Alphonso, Mancurad, Totapuri, Neelam, Maldez, Musarad, Badami, Mangilala, and a variety of local mangoes on our plantation. You are welcome to sample a few and also witness the harvesting of the mangoes.

Kokum (Garcinia Indica)Harvesting - May to June

This fruit-bearing tree has culinary, pharmaceutical, and industrial uses. It is used widely in Goan cuisine. It is sour and good for reducing cholesterol. Join us in harvesting this wonderful fruit. We extract juice and the separate the seed, which are sun-dried for making kokum oil. The skin is also sundried to make amsole, which is used instead of tamarind in Goan cooking. Dried skin can be kept for a whole year.

June, July and October: is paddy time. The coming of the monsoon brings a lot of colour mainly due to paddies. Join us in preparing the paddy fields for seeding and sowing. Then in 21 days the paddy seedling are hand planted in the field and after 3 months time, it is harvested.

Here are the steps involved during the rice season:

  • June – Cleaning of the paddy fields. Plough the field using the hand powered tiller. Prepare the terrace and water drainage.
  • June 20th – Sowing of seedlings.
  • June 30th – Transplanting of seedlings in the field.
  • August 30th – Cleaning of weeds.
  • September 30th – Cleaning of weeds.
  • October 15th – Harvesting of paddy